Flipkart Axis card – Benefits and how to apply ?

Flipkart axis credit card is one of the best credit card. I will share my experience how I came to know about this card and how to apply for it. When I was searching in internet the top 10 credit card, I encounterd this particular card. To be frank , because of big billion day sale I have come across this card 🙂


How to Apply

I have applied offline. As I wanted to discuss in detail with axis bank staff about the benefits and terms and conditions. So I went to my nearest AXIS Bank branch and asked about all the details of this credit card. They have some list of 4 or more credit card. The top 2 card(Axis Bank) according to me is Filpakart and Myzone credit card. 


  • There is joining fees – 500 Rs + Taxes
  • Annual fees is 500 Rs + Taxes
  • Elligibility age > 18 years

Documents to be submitted

  • Last two months paylslip
  • ADHAAR CARD photocopy
  • PAN CARD photocopy

As per them, within 15 days I will be getting the card. I have applied it on 27th Sep. Lets see by when I get my card.

You can also apply through online. 





Click on the below link. 




The one which I liked is 

  • you get 1.5% cash back on each and every transaction. 
  • 5 % cash back on flipkart and myntra. If you do lot of shopping then this card is for you.
  • Four lounge access in an year.
  • You get welcome benefits. It keeps on changing. So just check the benefits with bank when you are opting this card. 



As per the AXIS Bank staff , they told me you cannot get both cards at once. After three months you apply for it.



Guys as per me, flpkart card is the clear winner. The only advantage which I noticed in myzone card is that you get buy one get one movie ticket. That too its restricted only till 200 Rs. For example if the movie ticket is 220Rs, then you need to pay extra 40Rs. If you are movie freak, and if you have some companion with you then you can go for it. 



Axis bank staff were more interested to create a premium account for me. They tried explaining the schemes and all. I am not blaming AXIS bank here. It happens with all the bank. If you are really willing to create a bank account as well in AXIS bank, then create a normal account . You can link that account with the flipkart credit card. You can pay the credit card bill through it. But you need to maintain a minimum balance of 5000 Rs. It is not mandatory to create the account. You can pay the bill through the other bank account as well.


My Experience with AXIS Bank Staffs

They were polite and humble. They clarified all the doubts. The branch I visited is at Rayagada(Odisha). 

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