How I faced issue in my Macbook pro 16 “

This is my personal experience when I bought my macbook pro 2019 16 “. It was last year when I bought my macbook in 2021. I made a lot of research before buying this laptop. As I am not a gaming person, so I finally decided to buy macbook. 

After 10 months of usage, I faced screen flickering issue. I had tried all the options which internet articles suggested. But nothing worked. I was able to open my laptop in safe mode. But again the flickering issue started. After few days I was not able to switch on my laptop. This was really frustrating. But luckily my laptop was still in warranty period of 1 year.

As I was staying in a small town , so I had to book ticket to nearest city where apple centre is available. I had to give my laptop to repair it. I got proper support at apple centre. And the issue was resolved in 3 days. The issue was with motherboard. If my laptop would not have been in warranty, it would have costed me 53,000 Indian rupees. What the hell !!!!! As it was in warranty it was free of cost.

Now this puts me in great dilemma as the warranty period is about to expire by 15th october 2022. The cost for two years warranty would be 24,000 Rs. I am thinking to opt for it, considering I will be using this laptop at least for next two years definitely. 

Now coming to the extended warranty

If something goes wrong , software or hardware issue , you will be looted like hell. You will regret buying this laptop. Now you have already put your hard earned money buying it. Now if you are wealthy enough and if you dont have financial issue, simply go for the extended warranty without any second thought.

It will not bother you much.

If you have financial issue, and if your laptop is running fine within 1st year of warranty, then you can drop the plan buying 2 year extended warranty. I am again stressing “you can”  take the risk of not buying it.

In my case I have faced the issue within one year, so there is a slight fear that my laptop might have issue again. So I have to opt for it.

Now coming whether you need to buy this laptop or not

  • If you are completely a gaming person, then drop the plan of buying macbook.
  • If your plan is for content creation, but you have financial issue buying macbook, then you can drop the plan of buying it.
  • Even the content creation can be done using a 30 to 50k windows laptop. Absolutely no need of buying expensive macbook.

The maintenance is more once you buy this. The reason I am saying is if there is any hardware or software issue, and if it is not under warranty, you will definitley loose hell lot of money.

Even you will buy accessories as well. I had to buy good sleeve to protect my laptop while travelling. And lot of stuffs which you will buy eventually. 

In my next blog will share my experience in switching from windows to mac…. 🙂

Here is the below pic, using my macbook again 

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