Reuse the same wordpress template for your new website

Suppose you have put so much effort to create a website in wordpress. Now you have bought one more domain. And you want to have exact similar layout as your existing website. 

The first approach which comes to our mind is in All-in-one Migration , export the file and import in new website. But it doesnt work sometimes.

Follow the below approach

  1. Create a backup in wordpress
    1. If the plugin All-in-One WP Migration is not installed then install the plugin from the below link.
    2. If you have the plugin All-in-One WP. If the version is other than 6.77 then uninstall and install from the below link.
    3. Install the version 6.77 version .you can google the 6.77 version. There is a git link. Link is provided below
    4. Go to Backup
    5. Create Backup as the below screenshot

Now Go to hostinger and download the backupfile 

  1. Go to Hosting Menu
  2. Select the website from where you want to download the backupfile.
  3. Go to File Manager as per the below screenshot
  4. Navigate to public_html–>wp-content–>ai1wm-backups
  5. Download the backup file
  6. Go to wordpress and import the file from All-in-One WP migration.
  7. Continue to import to apply the changes after 100% is completed

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